Author: Jone Lewis


Known for: figure in papal politics, ancestor of Popes Dates: ~892 – ~937 Background, Family: Father: Theophylact Mother: Theodora Husbands: Alberic I of Spoleto Guido of Tuscany Hugh of Provence Rumored lover: Pope...

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Jane Addams: A Modern Lear

This is a version of an 1896 speech by Jane Addams, published in 1912 as a magazine article, on the Pullman strike and its ethical lessons.  Addams compares George Pullman, the owner of the Pullman Company, to...

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Maria Mitchell by Anna C. Brackett

From an article in The Century, October 1889, by Anna C. Brackett, published on the death of Maria Mitchell, and summarizing the effect of Mitchell upon her students. Whatever is most characteristic and strongest in the New...

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